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Article 1
Terms and conditions and way of accommodation

1/ Guests are required to present their valid form of identification such as ID card or passport upon
check-in in private holiday house Jasmín.

2/ Based on the reservation of accommodation, the owner shall provide a client accommodation by 8
p.m. at the latest, unless otherwise agreed when booking the accommodation. After the given time the
host can freely dispose of the room.
3/ The guest uses the room for the period of time that was agreed. On the day of departure the guest
may use the room until 10 a.m. (unless otherwise agreed with the owner). If a guest does not leave the
room at the given time, he / she can be charged a day extra.
4/ A guest who checks in before 6 a.m. shall pay the price of accommodation for the previous
5/ Guests shall maintain the room clean and tidy and be considerate of other guests. Quiet hours
begin at 10 p.m. and last until 6 a.m. in the interior as well as in the exterior – in the courtyard.
6/ It is prohibited to bring weapons or drugs to the accommodation Jasmín!!! If a guest is under
influence of alcohol or drugs and behaves inappropriately, the owner has right to cancel his / her
stay immediately.
7/ Private holiday house Jasmín provides its guests accommodation and guests pay for
accommodation only. In the private holiday house it is prohibited to organize any celebrations
such as hen and cock parties,…

Article 2
Responsibility of private accommodation Jasmín and the client
1/ Private accommodation Jasmín takes responsibility for the things brought in the private holiday
house Jasmín, as well as for the damage caused to things brought in, as long as these were kept in a
place designated for the purpose or in the place where they are usually kept and in case that the
damage was apparently caused on the part of the private accommodation Jasmín.

2/ Private accommodation Jasmín takes responsibility for valuables only in the case if the accommodation was assumed custody on the basis of a confirmation.

3/ The guests take responsibility for the damage caused to the property of the private accommodation
Jasmín. The guests take responsibility also for the damage caused by minors for whom they are responsible.

Article 3
General Provisions Applicable

1/Visitors are allowed to receive guests in the private accommodation Jasmín in the common room.
Guests may bring visitors, however, with the consent of the owner, in the time from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
and for the agreed time only. Bringing non-accommodated guests to the private accommodation
Jasmím is strictly prohibited!!!
2/ Guests are not allowed to move interior furniture, make alterations and tamper with electrical or
other installations in the room nor the common rooms.
3/ For safety reasons, the guests are not allowed to leave their children unattended in their room, nor
in the common rooms or in the garden.
4/ In case of illness of a guest, the owner of the accommodation ensures provision of healthcare or
transport to hospital.
5/ Before leaving the accommodation (in the room and in common rooms) the guests must close water
taps, switch off the lights, turn off the TV sets and the hi-fi tower, lock the doors, close the windows
and balcony doors.
6/ If a guest rents the private holiday house Jasmín as a whole, the owner may enter it in the following

– In order to prepare sauna and relaxation room for operation
– In order to clean sauna and relaxation room after operation (in accordance with the
operating instructions for sauna)
– In order to clean the fireplace, bring fire logs and empty the kitchen bin

7/ Smoking is prohibited in the whole house.

8/ Guests as well as the owner of the private holiday house Jasmín shall adhere to the
provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Jasmín Accommodation. Providing a guest
infringed the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Jasmín Accommodation, the owner
has right to end the guest´s accommodation immediately without refunding the money for
services not used.

Mengusovce, 1 December 2022